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TLG is delighted with the completion of the April 2020 proof run with some exceptional candidates available for your consideration. Working within genetic standards for both the Australian and International analysis systems, we believe that the TLG sire team offers the opportunity to incorporate these high level sires within your customer’s herd development programs. Whether it is sexed or conventional, frozen of fresh, the TLG sires, standing here in Australia, offer agility and flexibility to any requirements that you have. 


2020 Genetic Selection Update OUT NOW

“Let the genetic selection preparations for 2020 begin.”

The December 2019 data run has reaffirmed the genetic strength behind the current TLG team, and presents excellent options in preparation for 2020 genetic selections.

With high performance benchmarks for both Australian and US genetic data levels, combining a strong outcross, polled and A2 strategy, the choices are well balanced and numerous.

With options for conventional and sexed semen, in frozen and fresh form, to optimise the conception rate and success of your herd mating programs, TLG offers an effective and easy to reference option for your 2020 genetic decisions.

Contact TLG today to discuss your 2020 bull selection and genetic opportunities.

Sales manager: Paul Douglas    Phone: 0447 441 422    Email: [email protected]


TLG Spring Update now available

We are observing some excellent developments in the genetic offerings from TLG, and this update presents genetic diversity which supports easy to make sire decisions to assist in the genetic development of your herd.

Take the time to explore our Spring 2019 update to help you make an informed choice about the genetic development opportunities for your herd. Additionally, please inquire about the developments of commercially attractive fresh sexed semen programs, or the different genomic tests that are available through your relationship with TLG.

A broad range of sires, offering highly appraised genetic merit on both the Australian and US genetic analysis systems, is a key attribute of the genetics that we present for consideration.

Our “Can Do” attitude in developing and implementing cost effective options in dairy herd reproductive and genetic development strategies adds an additional perspective to the line-up of bulls that are standing here in Australia, are readily available, and are priced commercially to optimise your genetic purchase decision.

Through the incorporation of fresh sexed semen to optimise synchronisation program fertility, through to offering a flexible range of comprehensive and essential genomic tests through our relationship with the Neogen suite of genomic and A2 products, there is a broad platform of opportunity for herd genetic development available from TLG at attractive commercial prices. 

Contact Paul Douglas our Sales Manager at TLG today to discuss your herd genetic development options. Paul can be contacted on 0447 441 422 or via email [email protected]



Stud Livestock Assistant Position Vacant

Total Livestock Genetics, based in Camperdown, Victoria is at the forefront of animal genetics and reproduction technology. It exports high value breeding animals and genetic material to an extensive local and international customer base.

TLG is seeking a full time Stud Livestock Assistant. The successful applicant will be required to assist with the collection of genetic material from bulls in a quarantine environment across both its semen collection centres at Camperdown and Glenormiston. At each location, this position requires a person dedicated to excellence to ensure animal collection, health, welfare and housing is first class.  The ideal applicant will need to have high attention to detail with a strong regard for accuracy and be willing to work with bulls.

See full details below


Export Coordinator Position Vacant

Total Livestock Genetics, based in Camperdown, Victoria is at the forefront of animal genetics and reproduction technology. It exports high value breeding animals and genetic material to an extensive local and international customer base.

Due to continued expansion TLG is seeking a full time Export Coordinator who will be responsible for all administrative tasks pertaining to our export markets. 

Accounts and HR Role Position Vacant

Total Livestock Genetics has a permanent vacancy in its accounting area.

The successful applicant will be required to assist in the financial management of Total Livestock Genetics reporting to the directors of the business, while also assisting in Human Resources. This position will suit an applicant who is highly motivated and willing to work in a team environment.  See below for full details.


April sire directory now available

After the recent April proof run TLG are proud to release the new April Sire Directory.

The core principles behind the diversity of Total Livestock Genetics’ product development are based upon serving the commercial needs of our customers. We believe the team presented within this catalogue reflects this commitment and represents genetic choices that are easy options to consider for breeders worldwide.



The continued growing interest and orders from within Australia, as well as from a number of international countries, reflects the attractiveness of the genotypes that are available.  With this in mind, we remain focussed on the ongoing support that genetics provides Australian dairy farmers, and the opportunity to present additional services to optimise the genetic development of your herd.

Our dedicated partnership with Sexing Technologies lends itself to advancing reproductive performance and herd development through our availability of SexedUltra 4M and fresh Sexed Semen. Fresh sexed semen, with it’s reproductive opportunities to optimise you heifer synchronisation programs, is becoming a standard joining practise for a number of herds Australia wide.

Our relationship with Neogen and the Igenity genomic test supports us in identifying, selecting and developing high performing commercial cow families for our customers here in Australia and around the world. It continues to provide genetic standards for the growing number of heifer exports that TLG coordinates.

Our engagement in the development of polled and A2 based genetic options represents our philosophy of providing sires that can comply with developing market requirements.  At Total Livestock Genetics, we feel it has been our willingness to embrace new technologies that has enabled us to provide leadership in dairy genetic improvement. 

Please explore our latest catalogue to help you make an informed choice about the genetic development of your herd.


Reproduction Veterinarian Required

Total Livestock Genetics is at the forefront of animal genetics and reproduction technology. Formed in 1989, TLG offers a complete suite of reproductive services for bovine, equine and small ruminant clients. The business currently employs three veterinarians and 25 support staff.

TLG is seeking an enthusiastic, confident and experienced reproduction veterinarian to work in conjunction with our existing team. We are seeking someone with experience in the following areas:

  • Bovine ET, IVF/OPU, semen collection and processing
  • Equine ET, AI, semen collection and processing
  • Ovine and caprine LAI and surgical ET, semen collection and processing

The position is full time and whilst there is no on call work, flexibility during peak times will be required. There will be opportunities to work interstate and overseas.

A generous package commensurate with experience is on offer and continuing education will be encouraged and supported.

Total Livestock Genetics is located in Camperdown, Victoria, which is two hours from Melbourne and 45 minutes from the coast.  Camperdown is an agricultural centre located on the world’s third largest volcanic plain and surrounded by large salt and fresh water lakes.

Please forward applications and any enquires to:

Total Livestock Genetics

4969 Princes Highway,

Camperdown, VIC, 3260

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 03 5593 2016