Monthly Archives: March 2015

Sexed Semen Day Great Success

Total Livestock Genetics, along with Sexing Technologies held an information day at the Noorat Community Centre on 4 March about the future of sexed semen within the artificial breeding industry.

There was a large crowd on hand to hear from prominent speakers within the sexed semen industry. Dr Vish Vishwanath, Director of Research and Development, Sexing Technologies, USA spoke first and gave a great insight into the production and advances in sexed semen over the past decade. He also spoke on the topic of ‘sexed ultra’ and the significant improvements it is having on conception rates in heifers and mature cows.

Also speaking was Dr Jon Kelly, Warrnambool Veterinary Clinic Director, who gave an in-depth statistical presentation about the use and effectiveness of sexed semen in the local community. Complementing the data presented by Jon was Naringal dairy farmer Sam McCluggage, who gave a farmer’s spin on how sexed semen is working in his operation and the direction it is taking his business into the future.

Dr Shane Ashworth, Managing Director of Total Livestock Genetics concluded the day by expressing his enthusiasm about the partnership between Sexing Technologies and Total Livestock Genetics and the future of sexed semen within the farming industry. Overall, the day was a great success with those in attendance taking home a lot of information and knowledge.