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Successful Export to Malaysia

TLG has just successfully completed an export of 98 pregnant jersey heifers and seven jersey bulls to a newly completed dairy in Malaysia. The shipment was over six months in the planning, with heifers meticulously selected on farm before being synchronised and joined to sex sorted semen. They departed by Air from Sydney Airport to Kuala Lumpur on Easter Sunday with their chaperone Matt Barber, and settled in to their new accommodation without incident.

Malaysia’s annual dairy consumption is estimated at 1000 million litres, of which only 5% is produced domestically. With the demand for dairy and dairy products growing at 10-15% per annum, Malaysia is focusing on improving its dairy farming and production, and reducing its dependency on imports. To this end, $20 million AUD has been allocated to establish dairy clusters to produce milk on a larger scale.

While Malaysia builds the framework towards increasing self-sufficiency, Australia has been successfully supplying cattle for breeding and milking due to our clean disease free reputation and genetically superior stock.

Our next shipment is scheduled for September 2015.
Malaysia 1

Malaysia 2

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