Monthly Archives: July 2015

TLG putting fresh sexed semen to the test

Total livestock Genetics (TLG) in conjunction with Sexing Technologies, USA not only produce fresh sexed semen but are also one of the largest individual users. TLG has an extensive dairy heifer export program where the animals are required to be pregnant prior to export. Recent advances in sexed semen production have allowed TLG to use fresh sexed semen to gain higher pregnancy rates and more return for the importer.

A current export program that TLG is co-ordinating has just had some early preg testing results that we believe are quite exciting.

Group 1 – 87 heifers had a conception rate of 70% (61/87)

Group 2 – 330 heifers had a conception rate of 60% (197/330)

More results will follow in the coming months with a further 5000 heifers to be preg tested. These results will provide information on different synchrony programs (FTAI vs detected heat) and performance by live weight.

These results speak volumes for how far the technology of sexed semen has come. This coupled with healthy animals, organised programming, high fertility semen and correct technique are proof these results are possible.

TLG and Sexing Technologies are continually working together to progress and improve the quality of sexed semen. With high demand for Australian heifers internationally and conception rates of this level, sexed semen has a very strong future.