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Demand for Small Ruminants on the Rise

TLG currently has East Friesian, Texel, Corriedale and Meat Merino rams and Saanen bucks at its collection facility collecting semen for export to Asia and South America.

There are also export embryo progams scheduled in the coming months for Meat Merino and Australian White ewes.

Australia’s diversity of breeds, quality stock and clean health status places us in the fortunate position of being an exporting nation of choice for numerous species and destinations.

We expect to see a continued rise in the amount of small ruminant genetics collected for export.


Strengthening ties in China

Steve and Shane recently toured China, participating in seminars in Beijing and Tianjin as well as visiting Ho Hot and Changchun.

No doubt the big rush for dairy heifers has eased, but they came away feeling more confident than ever that there is a need for the type of product that TLG has been exporting – quality animals pregnant with a female calf and supported by management inputs to make sure they milk to their potential.

The tour gave them the opportunity to visit some great herds milking up to 10,000 animals in state of the art dairies, and we are pleased to reciprocate by showing a delegation around some dairies in Victoria in the coming months.

With further visits planned in February, TLG is working hard to develop a pipeline of quality animals from Australian breeders.

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TLG Dairy Catalogue Released

The team at Total Livestock Genetics have been working extensively over the past year to assemble a high quality selection of sires, suitable for the Australian dairy industry.

We are now very proud to share with you the inaugural Total Livestock Genetics dairy catalogue. All sires have been rigorously selected to meet an exceptional standard, with a high emphasis on health, production and type.

All sires will be available in Fresh sexedULTRA, Frozen sexedULTRA and conventional semen.

Please take a look and direct any equiries to:

Marlin: (03) 5593 2016

[email protected]