Genomic Testing

Total Livestock Genetics has entered into a strategic agreement with Neogen Corporation (Nasdaq: NEOG).

Neogen® Genomics operations deliver innovative, affordable DNA testing for the discovery and commercial application of genomic advances that enhance the safety and abundance of life. State-of-the-art genomics and bioinformatics, plus our work with leading scientists, drive Neogen’s world leadership in DNA testing.

Neogen is an organization that provides local companies with easy access to world-class genomics solutions while delivering worldwide reach and capacity for global enterprises.  Neogen®’s GeneSeek® operations is on the forefront of dairy genomics and dairy cattle genomic testing.

Premium products direct to dairy producers. The Igenity Dairy Heifer Program provides genomic profiling solutions direct to the dairyfarmer for breeding stock, commercial dairy cattle, or crossbred dairy cattle. Igenity products allow dairy producers to know more about their cattle and feel confident about their selection decisions in their herd.

TLG offers three main products to the Australian dairy farmer.  Click on each product to find out the traits included in each product available.

Igenity Aussie

Igenity Select

Igenity Essential.

In addition to genomic profiling add-on content can be purchased along with select profiles. Add-on content can provide additional value to existing profiles by give you more information on the same sample. Add-on content includes BVD diagnostic testing, Y SNP testing, A2/A2 testing and more.

Igenity Dashboard.

Igenity® Dairy Dashboard is an interactive tool for interpreting genomic results and guiding management decisions. Available on your phone, tablet or computer, Igenity Dairy Dashboard is available for every dairy farmer — purebred and commercial alike. Igenity Dairy Dashboard allows you to sort and filter genomic results and visualise your data in the form of graphs and charts all in the one place.

With Igenity Dairy Dashboard, you can:

  • Feel confident in your selection decisions.
  • Take a snapshot.
  • Gauge your herd.
  • Know you are headed in the right direction.

Igenity Dairy Dashboard is available to all customers utilising Igenity products.

For more details on the range of genomic products available contact: [email protected] or contact TLG on 03 5593 2016