Live Animal Export

TLG is uniquely placed to assist in exporting your valuable livestock. TLG is export licensed and approved to assemble and export to various destinations. The housing facilities are first class and technologically advanced. Management of the export program is conducted by professional staff (including three¬†government accredited veterinarians), offering assistance with the export process to meet the importing country’s protocols. Whilst quarantined, the livestock are managed (isolated, treated, health tested and prepared) by competent, experienced stock-persons. TLG liaises with DoA and government bodies to ensure compliance with all pre-export preparations including inspections and compliance with Australian and international standards and regulations.

With the latest in animal handling and identification systems in place, animals are housed in small, low stress groups and fed a total mixed ration that maximises production and weight gain, and minimises injury and stress. Such a beginning to the export journey has set a benchmark for quality, and ensures an excellent outcome for the animals and our clients. This facility is also available to outside exporters for the pre-export assembly phase of the export process.

TLG is annually audited by DoA to ensure that all aspects of the management of live animals adhere to the Standards and Codes of Practice.

TLG can arrange:

  • Animal selection
  • Animal pre-testing and pick-up
  • Quarantine services and testing
  • Airport delivery and documentation
  • International flight scheduling
  • Animal delivery facilitation (from farm gate to farm gate) for most countries around the world.

For further information please contact: [email protected]