Semen Collection

TLG offers both unlicensed and licensed collection for domestic and international markets, including export accreditation and storage for all global destinations.

Due to both the location and design of the facilities, TLG’s Camperdown Collection Centre is one of few semen collection centres in Australia licensed to collect for the European Union and China. Due to the strict requirements of the EU, there is a separate licensed semen collection centre at TLG’s Glenormiston Centre, which caters for animals which need not qualify for the European Union. This second centre allows us to offer a cost competitive program for animals on collection for other markets.

TLG offers the ideal environment, as sires are exposed to a relatively consistent temperature throughout the year ensuring semen collection is not affected by extremes of heat or cold. Sires are housed individually according to collection programs and health status, and are regularly weighed during their semen collection program. They are acclimatised to a safe, high energy ration and you can follow progress in condition and production securely via our password protected internet based inventory access.

Please contact us for access to the Client Login Portal.

Lay-off facilities are secure, inexpensive and effective in maintaining the quarantined status of the animals whilst they await proof.

Another feature of our Glenormiston Centre is our Ovine Semen Collection Centre. Comprising areas for isolation and collection (domestic and international), the facility also contains a laboratory and provides the benefits of the Quality Assurance Procedures in producing ovine semen straws to the same high standards that we apply to our bovine practices.

Quality Assurance

With a focus on Quality Assurance, TLG is registered with Certified Semen Services (CSS) ยป, and as such is the only centre outside North America which can use the CSS logo, attesting to the world’s best practice conducted by the organisation. To maintain this voluntary accreditation TLG is audited annually by CSS for its compliance with all aspects of bovine semen collection.

When your animal is collected, he is subjected to the most up-to-date technology in semen media, handling and processing, in export approved laboratories by highly qualified personnel. Clients can expect laser printed and ultrasonically sealed straws, and the latest in computerised freezing equipment. All semen is collected, packed, assessed, inventoried and available for despatch within 48 hours.

For further information please contact: [email protected]