Sexing Technologies

ST-Logo_B_300dpi-10inWideUS based Sexing Technologies (ST) was created with the goal of producing sex sorted semen around the globe. In 2003 they acquired the license for the technology, and since that time have continued to expand, opening facilities around the world. In 2011 TLG established a commercial relationship with ST to bring the technology to Australia. At present there are eight sex sorting machines in operation at our Camperdown Centre. Animals receive one sex chromosome from each parent. The dam (XX) will always donate an X chromosome, while the sire (XY) will donate either an X chromosome or a Y chromosome resulting in a female or a male respectively. A sorting machine is able to sort the semen into fractions containing sperm cells carrying an X chromosome (female) and sperm cells carrying a Y chromosome (male).

The process involves DNA staining the semen and then running it through a flow cytometer in a single cell stream. The sperm cells are electrically charged when struck by two laser beams and using this electrical charge they are deflected into X, Y and waste populations. The accuracy of this selection is considered to be ≥90%.

Not only does the technology allow sorted semen to be used immediately, or frozen for future use, but it also opens up immense possibilities when combined with embryo and IVF technologies. The on-site facility gives TLG a great platform to offer truly unique and specialised services.

For further information on this exciting technology please visit the Sexing Technologies website,  or contact: [email protected]