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Small Ruminants

TLG is ideally placed to meet the rapidly growing demand for advanced breeding technologies in small ruminants. Considerable progress has been made over the last 25 years, providing breeders with the opportunity to improve genetic quality and increase genetic progress.

Located at the Glenormiston Centre, our small ruminant facility comprises areas for isolation and collection (both semen and embryos) for domestic and international markets. A fully equipped laboratory provides the benefits of the quality assurance procedures in producing semen and embryos to the same high standards that we apply to our bovine practices.

Embryo donors are housed in one of our two collection centres. Isolation and health testing according to the importing country’s protocols are conducted either prior to, or post-collection as the case may be. Embryos are collected, processed and frozen according to the protocols of the International Embryo Transfer Society (IETS).

Males are isolated and housed in accordance with the OIE’s small ruminant collection protocols.

TLG also provides an on-farm laparoscopic AI and surgical ET service.

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