TLG Spring Update now available

We are observing some excellent developments in the genetic offerings from TLG, and this update presents genetic diversity which supports easy to make sire decisions to assist in the genetic development of your herd.

Take the time to explore our Spring 2019 update to help you make an informed choice about the genetic development opportunities for your herd. Additionally, please inquire about the developments of commercially attractive fresh sexed semen programs, or the different genomic tests that are available through your relationship with TLG.

A broad range of sires, offering highly appraised genetic merit on both the Australian and US genetic analysis systems, is a key attribute of the genetics that we present for consideration.

Our “Can Do” attitude in developing and implementing cost effective options in dairy herd reproductive and genetic development strategies adds an additional perspective to the line-up of bulls that are standing here in Australia, are readily available, and are priced commercially to optimise your genetic purchase decision.

Through the incorporation of fresh sexed semen to optimise synchronisation program fertility, through to offering a flexible range of comprehensive and essential genomic tests through our relationship with the Neogen suite of genomic and A2 products, there is a broad platform of opportunity for herd genetic development available from TLG at attractive commercial prices. 

Contact Paul Douglas our Sales Manager at TLG today to discuss your herd genetic development options. Paul can be contacted on 0447 441 422 or via email [email protected]