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The entire team at TLG are pleased to offer an update on the new group of sires that have been selected and are coming onto our collection centre in the coming weeks. 

We are excited to present this offering which combines many traits that Australian Dairyfarmers are selecting for in their breeding programs.  It offers Australian Standing Sires that are a combination of High TPI,  High BPI,  Extreme Type,  A2A2,  Polled and breed leading Health Traits.  

All these sires will be standing at Camperdown in Australia and we look forward to them being offered in fresh and frozen SexedUltra 4M semen in the coming months 

We encourage you to have a look through the catalogue and contact us, or your service provider for more information. For a complete update on all the TLG 2021 team, please download the link below or contact TLG Sales Manager Darren Fletcher on 0447 441 422 or sales@tlg.com.au

CLICK HERE to view online