World class genetics now accessible online

THE GENE MARKET, a new and exciting service available to the progressive farmers of today, was released onto the public domain in September 2014. We believe it is the first of its kind in Australia, offering an independent e-commerce website showcasing genetic material from a diverse range of industry leading semen and embryo suppliers.

THE GENE MARKET is a custom designed platform allowing anyone the ability to buy and sell semen and embryos. All major AI Companies that wholesale bovine semen in Australia have partnered with THE GENE MARKET and placed a wide variety of semen on the website, presenting over 450 product

THE GENE MARKET provides the purchaser with the opportunity to view current, online, up to date information on the genetics being sold. All the purchaser has to do is select and purchase products, and they are freighted directly to their location of choice in a professional and efficient manner.

Vendors can have full confidence in THE GENE MARKET to promote, store, despatch and collect funds with this professional and secure website. If you have semen or embryos you wish to promote and sell, we encourage you to contact us to discuss what we can do for your business.