Camperdown Centre

TLG’s Camperdown Centre is located on the Princes Highway, Camperdown, in south west Victoria. Due to both the location and design of the facilities, it is an European Union accredited semen collection centre – one of few centres in Australia licensed to collect semen for the EU and China. Bulls housed at Camperdown are collected to the highest health testing status, and accordingly, the centre has strong security and bio-security management practices to ensure that all aspects of the stringent EU protocols are met.

The Sexing Technologies laboratory (the only sexed semen laboratory in Australia) is located at the Camperdown Centre, where licensed semen collection programs suitable for domestic and international markets (including the EU) are conducted in accordance with the OIE’s requirements.

The Camperdown Centre is also the administration hub, home of Storage and Despatch, Import and Export, and The Gene Market.

Camperdown is situated south of The Great Dividing Range, which provides a natural barrier for arbovirus vectors making the area free from Akabane, Aino virus, Ephemeral fever and Bluetongue. Australia is free of epidemic cattle diseases and is officially free of TB and Brucellosis.