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ET & IVF Services

TLG has offered on-farm and on-centre Embryo Transfer (ET) programmes since 1989. The emphasis is on quality assurance, with every angle of donor management covered to maximise reproductive performance.

The use of any assisted reproductive technology is only as good as the number of pregnancies obtained. This is an area in which TLG excels, with proven results and experienced operators providing a quality assured service and knowledge of how to maximise donor responses and recipient management.

On Centre

The embryo centre at Glenormiston caters for both domestic and export collections, with embryos being sent to many parts of the world.

Donor cows are programmed and managed for embryo flushing, whether for immediate transfer into recipient cows or for freezing and implantation at a later date. The facility is well sheltered and offers double fencing for the segregation of donors of differing health status, allowing isolation and health testing of donor cows in accordance with the importing country’s protocols.

Export embryos are collected, processed and frozen by the DoA accredited team, according to the protocols of the International Embryo Transfer Society (IETS) ».

On Farm

TLG has had a mobile embryo processing laboratory in use for several years in conjunction with export and on-farm embryo collection procedures and processes. This DoA approved mobile laboratory was introduced to provide a stable and repeatable laboratory environment in which to manipulate the embryos.

TLG will prepare the embryo flush and/or transfer program for you. The histories and statistics of each donor cow are compiled at the TLG office and the program is tailored specifically to ensure professional management of your donors program to optimise her results.


TLG also provides an IVF service at our Glenormiston facility and a fully equipped laboratory. This technology is ideally suited to problem donors and elite young livestock. Able to be used on calves as young as eight months of age and cows in early pregnancy, these techniques can be used to minimise the generation interval, and therefore increase the rate of genetic gain.

The commercial use of IVF and embryo transfer has been around for several years now, and the technology is well established amongst cattle breeders.

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