Import & Export Services

TLG exports semen and embryos regularly to all countries with existing protocols. We can assist with advice and coordination of all import and export requirements, including up to date DoA and MICOR protocols, facilitation of shipments through DoA clearances and customs agents, export documentation and import permits. Most countries have an established set of import health requirements for semen and embryos. For those that do not, TLG has been successful in applying to the importing country’s authorities for acceptance of proforma health certificates to facilitate our client’s requirements.

From arranging a shipping tank to exporting to the stringent European Union market, employing TLG means your shipment will arrive at its destination in the shortest possible time with a minimum of fuss. Our export services are managed on behalf of international marketing companies and private clients alike, so not only do we have the knowledge and expertise to handle any shipment, we can also often combine shipments to minimise costs.

TLG has achieved the following accreditations in relation to export of semen and embryos:

  • European Union # AU-SCC591
  • CSS – Bovine Semen Collection Centre #187
  • DoA registered semen and embryo collection centre # 591
  • China – Bovine Semen # 2005BAI AU002
  • China – Bovine Embryos # 2005BET AU001
  • China – Ovine Semen # 2009OCAIAU001
  • China – Ovine Embryos # 2009OCETAU001
  • Chile – Bovine and Ovine Semen and Embryos # 591
  • Registered as an approved exporter to Colombia

If importing, we can assist by obtaining the DAFF import permit on your behalf so that the overseas collection centre provides you with a product fully conforming with Australia’s import requirements.

For further information please contact: [email protected]